Monday, October 25, 2010

"Heaven is for Real" - a review

Editor's note: The book is available on and may be available in Christian bookstores within the next week or so.

A little boy, a few weeks shy of his fourth birthday at the time, has given a glimpse into Heaven to answer that age-old question: What is Heaven really like?

Colton Burpo of Imperial was on a roller coaster of being ill, then better, then ill again. By the time he reached Great Plains Regional Medical Center, Colton was in serious condition. Dr. Timothy O'Holleran performed emergency surgery to remove Colton's appendix, which had probably ruptured five days earlier, and had abscessed.

During Colton's surgery, his father, Todd, pastor of Crossroads Wesleyan Church in Imperial, was in a small room in the hospital alternately praying desperately for his son to live and crying out in frustration and anger to the God he so faithfully served.

When Colton's father and mother, Sonja, saw him right after the surgery, Colton looked at his father and said, "Daddy, you know I almost died."

Little did Todd know that was the first glimpse of things to come in the weeks and months ahead.

The book, written by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent, presents glimpses of the mystery of Heaven through Colton's own words. Much of what Colton tried to describe were of things for which he did not yet know the correct words.

Over the next months, Colton tells his father and mother about talking to family members who had died long before Colton was born. He gave details he could have learned through no other means than actually seeing and talking to them.

He doesn't tell his experience all at once, but in bits and pieces, sometimes - no, often - taking his parents by surprise with the depth and passion of his revelations.

Colton's story is amazing and to tell you any more would spoil the book for you.

His story rings true. It's told with the innocence of a child who accepts whole-heartedly with faith that what he experienced is real.

As you read Colton's story, you'll believe also. If you ever had any doubts about God and Jesus and Heaven, you'll dismiss those doubts.

Colton means it - and so will you - when he affirms: Heaven is for Real!