Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dogs AVailable for Adoption

These dogs are available at the North Platte Animal Shelter, 1402 N. Sycamore. Hours: 1-5:30 pm, M-F

This beautiful brindle pit female came to the shelter as a stray. If you've ever heard the expression of the tail wagging the dog, that fits this gal. When her tail wags, get out ot the way because her whole body shakes and wiggles. She took treats very gently when offered some. REMEMBER: The Responsi-BULL spay and neuter program continues through August. She can be spayed for $25 or perhaps less than that.

This Weimaraner/Doberman X is a real beauty. It's scared of the strange noises and smells at the shelter. Look at those eyes - they are pleading for someone to make everything OK.

Doreen is an energetic Black Lab. All she needs is some TLC and a good family to care for her. She's been at the shelter for a while. Please consider Doreen if you are looking for a good dog.

Meet Butterscotch, a female Corgi/heeler X. She's 4-6 months old. She was surrendered on Monday afternoon, so she is available for adoption immediately. She is an outdoor dog and is good with kids.

Tank is an intact male Corgi/heeler X, about a year old. He is an outdoor dog (which means he's not house trained - if you want him as an indoor dog, you'll need to house train him) and he's good with kids. He was surrendered Monday afternoon so he's available immediately for adoption.

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